The Richard F. Salisbury Award

The Richard F. Salisbury student award is given in memory of Dr. Richard Frank Salisbury, a founding member of the McGill University Department of Anthropology as well as the McGill Centre for Developing Areas Studies.  Dr. Salisbury was the author of From Stone to Steel (1962) and A Homeland for the Cree (1986).  His leadership on the James Bay Project helped the James Bay Cree and the Government of Quebec work out the historic treaty that has become a model for reconciling aboriginal autonomy with economic development.  Dr. Salisbury passed away in 1989.

The Richard F. Salisbury Student Award is given each year to a PhD candidate, enrolled at a Canadian university, for the purposes of defraying expenses incurred while carrying out dissertation fieldwork.  The winner of each award is also invited to present their preliminary findings to the annual meeting of the Canadian Anthropology Society/Société Canadienne d’Anthropologie.



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