Workshop: Intersections of intimacies and inequalities

Registration is now open for the upcoming workshop “Intersections of intimacies and inequalities” to be held at University College London on September 18th. This day-long workshop aims to explore the many ways in which intimacies and inequalities intersect. The workshop brings together an international group of scholars from the social and historical sciences interested in examining both persistent and diminishing inequalities in the experience of intimacy and access to intimate citizenship.

Speakers include: Rachel O’Neill on “Seduction and Sexual Politics”; Shalini Grover and Sanna Schliewe who will discuss “Complicating Gender Equality, Work and Intimacy in Migratory Spaces: The Case of Euro-American Women in India”; and Sarah Duff addressing “Intimacy and the Age of Consent: Race, Sex, and Status in Early Twentieth-Century South Africa”.

Click here for the full programme and information on the event and how to register.

Registration is £10 and includes lunch and refreshments. The workshop is organised by the Thomas Coram Research Unit (TCRU) at the UCL Institute of Education (IOE), and hosted by UCL Institute of Advanced Studies. Please feel free to contact the workshop organisers at<> with any questions about the event.

Katherine Twamley, Charlotte Faircloth, & David Frost
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