CFP: Panel on Care, surveillance and vulnerability, Transforming Care Conference, Sheffield 2023


Dear colleagues,

We warmly invite abstract submission for our thematic panel 5 Care, surveillance and vulnerability: boundaries and limits of care at Transforming Care Conference, which will be held in Sheffield om 26th – 28th June, 2023.

Description of the panel:

Care, surveillance and vulnerability: boundaries and limits of care

Focusing on the relationship among care, control/surveillance, and vulnerability, the aim of this panel is to examine boundaries of care and control/surveillance.

The ethics of care criticizes the separation of control (or violence) and care (Held, 2010; Tronto, 2013, 2020). Though we tend to view violence and care as two separate practices, care as an experience can involve features of control and violence (Held, 2010). Thus, various manifestations of power and control are part of the daily practices associated with intimate or professional care relationships and practices.

The practice of care tends to imply vulnerability which is not only based on social positioning or marginality, but tends to be situational and relational, which means being vulnerable to someone, or vulnerability in a certain situation. Caring for the vulnerable is often associated with paternalism (Kittay, 1999; Smiley, 2020), which can spill over to manifestations of violence. Even a practice that was originally intended for protection or care, may ultimately serve to control or become an instrument of violence (Mackenzie, Rogers and Dodds, 2014).

We welcome papers which examine boundaries and limits of care focusing on aspects of care involving control, surveillance, and vulnerability. We are interested in papers (1.) from various theoretical perspectives, and/or (2.) based on empirical cases and/or countries, and/or (3.) comparative studies.


Dr. Zuzana Sekeráková Búriková, PhD. Institute for Sociology of Slovak Academy of Sciences, +421 907 692 795,

Dr. Veronika Valkovičová, PhD. Institute for Sociology of Slovak Academy of Sciences, +421 905 113 203,


Call for papers is already open and deadline for abstract is on January 30th. Abstracts should be submitted via email to and must include title of paper, the thematic panel you are submitting to, names, affiliations and contact details of authors and abstract (maximum 250 words). Please note that if your abstract is accepted, you must submit your full paper to the conference by 1st June 2023. The paper will be available to conference delegates only.


Information on conference:

With best wishes,
Zuzana Sekeráková Búriková,
Senior Researcher,
Institute for Sociology, Slovak Academy of Sciences

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