"Chronicity and Care: North and South Anthropological Perspectives" at the IUAES (Florianopolis, Brazil, 16-20 July 2018).

Dear colleagues,

Laura Montesi(Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropologia Social, Mexico) and Melania Calestani (Kingston and St George's, University of London, UK) invite you to submit abstract proposals to our Open Panel 045 "Chronicity and Care: North and South Anthropological Perspectives" at the IUAES (Florianopolis, Brazil, 16-20 July 2018).

The rise of chronic non-communicable conditions and diseases was until recently considered a Global North phenomenon. However, the number of people living longer and burdened by disease and/or disability is increasing worldwide, affecting the Global South too and challenging easy distinctions of this type. Moreover, the synergistic interactions between chronic and infectious ailments fueled by social inequalities are questioning other epistemological divides such as the chronic/acute one. This panel invites contributions exploring practices of care within chronic situations of ill health as they unfold at the individual, family, neighbourhood, community and (trans)national level. We are interested in ethnographically-based pieces that investigate the emic conceptualisations of care among carers and cared-for people living with long lasting health issues. Of utter importance will be contextualizing these emic experiences within larger settings of (un)care, with a constant look at the macropolitics of deservedness taking shape in unequal local/global orders, characterised by racialised, sexualised, and class-based hierarchies. We encourage comparative works, co-authorships, as well as pieces that foster miscegenation between north and south anthropological perspectives and traditions. In this way, we aim to reveal the multiple natures of "care" and to inform on how care giving is shaped in different contexts, shedding light on a variety of care experiences, needs and provision.

We are happy to receive paper presentations in English, Spanish and Portuguese. You can submit your work until February 28th, 2018, following this link:


We look forward to receiving your contributions!

Many thanks and kind regards,
Laura Montesi and Melania Calestani

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