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LingAnthLing Graduate Student Award

Award Information

Graduate students in anthropology who will be presenting a paper at the CASCA meetings are invited to submit their papers for consideration for the CASCA LingAnthLing Award for Student Paper in Linguistic Anthropology ($250).

This award was created in 2016 to encourage research into language related issues from an anthropological perspective by emerging scholars in linguistics and anthropology in Canada.


•    Candidates must be registered full-time in a graduate program in Anthropology at a Canadian university, or have graduated from such a program less than one year ago.


The adjudicating committee look for papers that:
•    Explicitly engage with linguistic issues, and clearly demonstrate that engagement in their treatment of the topic
•    Take an anthropological perspective, with reference to relevant literature
•    Are not merely descriptive and show evidence of original critical analysis.


•    Send to the CASCA LingAnthLing member Dr. Christine Jourdan for consideration by our award panel
•    Must be received by December 31 of the year of the conference at which the paper is presented
•    Must not exceed 10 pages in length
•    Can be submitted in either English or French
•    Must include an abstract
•    Must indicate the university at which the candidate is registered and their current year in the program

The prize-winning paper will be published (following peer review) in the Canadian anthropology journal, Anthropologica.

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