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Migration, Temporality, and Capitalism: Entangled Mobilities across Global Spaces

Migration, Temporality, and Capitalism: Entangled Mobilities across Global Spaces

Pauline Gardiner Barber and Winnie Lem (editors)

Palgrave MacMillan, 2018

Bringing together a range of illustrative case studies coupled with fresh theoretical insights, this volume is one of the first to address the complexities and contradictions in the relationship between migration, time, and capitalism. While temporal reckoning has long fascinated anthropologists, few studies have sought to confront how capitalism fetishizes time in the production of global inequalities—historically and in the contemporary world. As it explores how the agendas of capitalism condition migration in Europe, North America, and Oceania, this collection also examines temporality as a feature of migrants’ experiences to ultimately provide a theoretically robust and ethnographically informed investigation of migration and temporality within a framework defined by the political economy of capitalism.


Migration, Temporality and Capitalism: A Brief Introduction

Barber, Pauline Gardiner (et al.)

Chronotopes of Migration Scholarship: Challenges of Contemporaneity and Historical Conjuncture

Çağlar, Ayşe

The Timescape of Post-WWII Caribbean Migration to Britain: Historical Heterogeneity as Challenge and Opportunity

Olwig, Karen Fog

Time at Sea, Time on Land: Temporal Horizons of Rescue and Refuge in the Mediterranean and Europe

Ben-Yehoyada, Naor

Conjunctural Reversals, Capital Accumulation and Family Adjustments in Chinese Trans-Pacific Migration

Trémon, Anne-Christine

Migrating for a Better Future: ‘Lost Time’ and Its Social Consequences Among Young Somali Migrants

Simonsen, Anja

“Wait, and While You Wait, Work”: On the Reproduction of Precarious Labor in Liminal Spaces

Bryan, Catherine

Migration Across Intersecting Temporalities: Venezuelan Migrants and ‘Readiness’ in Montreal

Sætermo, Turid Fånes

The Entanglements of Neoliberal Temporalities and Class Politics in Philippine Migration to Canada

Barber, Pauline Gardiner

The Dialectics of Uneven Spatial-Temporal Development: Migrants and Reproduction in Late Capitalism

Lem, Winnie

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