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CASCA Award for Teaching Excellence – 2021 Recipients

CASCA is delighted to announce the inaugural recipients of the CASCA Awards for Teaching Excellence (2021). Congratulations!

Dr. Amirpouyan Shiva

CATE – Instructor

Dr. Shiva (Ph.D. in Socio-cultural Anthropology from the University of Minnesota) is a lecturer at the University of British Columbia where he has been teaching a variety of undergraduate courses including Medical Anthropology and Anthropology of Media. His research looks at how technologies limit, enable, and program their users. His dissertation, based on a long-term ethnographic fieldwork in the Persian blogosphere, examines how the medium of blogging contributes to the creation of blogger’s identities and how, in turn, the selves fashioned in interaction with and communication through digital media affect social and political transformation. In the classroom, Dr. Shiva uses creative assignments drawing on contemporary issues and popular culture to inspire his students.

Dr. Louise de la Gorgondière

CATE – Faculty

Dr. Louise de la Gorgendière is an Associate Professor in Anthropology at Carleton University (since 2001) and Commonwealth Scholar (PhD in Social Anthropology at Cambridge University). Previously, at the University of Edinburgh, she held a dual academic-consultancy post, and worked with DFID (UK), UNDP/ILO, French Government throughout Africa and Brazil. Louise’s teaching and research focus on education, development, HIV/AIDS and women’s rights, ethnopolitics, Ghana and the Ghanaian diaspora in Canada/UK, and immigration. Passionate about teaching and facilitating students’ deep learning, Louise draws upon her wealth of knowledge and applied experiences and uses problem-based and participatory pedagogical approaches in her teaching.

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