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Serious cuts to anthropo- logy in NZ

Five humanities departments face cuts

Serious cuts to anthropology and archaeology departments at New Zealand’s University of Otago


The University of Otago yesterday confirmed five humanities departments are likely to have staff cut by November – possibly totalling 15-20 people.

University pro-vice chancellor of humanities Prof Tony Ballantyne said the departments to undergo a formal management of change process were anthropology and archaeology, English and linguistics, history (with probable cuts in art history), languages and cultures, and musicc.


Photo : Nathan Hughes Hamilton

More on this issue here :

Two social anthropologists, Associate Professor Jacqueline Leckie and Dr Gautam Ghosh, have been made redundant from the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology at the University of Otago through a ‘Management of Change’ process. There will now be two social anthropologists teaching in a department of eight permanent academic staff.
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