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The Contemporary Coast Salish: Essays by Bruce Granville Mille

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The Contemporary Coast Salish: Essays by Bruce Granville Miller

Edited by Bruce Granville Miller and Darby C. Stapp.

Journal of Northwest Anthropology, Richland, WA

March 2016   358 pages

The Journal of Northwest Anthropology is pleased to present

The Contemporary Coast Salish, a life-long collection of work from University of British Columbia anthropologist Bruce Granville Miller. In these essays, Dr. Miller addresses crucial issues facing contemporary Coast Salish people and communities. Building on his own fieldwork, on salvage anthropology of an earlier generation, and the work of present-day anthropologists, archaeologists and historians, he describes current-day tribes and bands as composed of family corporate groups and details their role in the transformations of gender and political systems. He then examines tribal codes and courts, historical concepts and practices of justice, and the relations between the mainstream populations of British Columbia and Washington and the Coast Salish themselves, including the circumstances of non-recognized tribes, the efforts to use oral traditions and the language of sacredness in court, and in the mass media. Engaging theories of borderlands and globalization, Miller shows the transformations post 9-11 and the affects on the Coast Salish. Available through

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