Lived Learning as Researcher:

Reflections on Migration Research


March 30, 2020

Location TBA


Coordinated by Patti Lenard, Audrey Macklin, Shahrzad Mojab, & Genevieve Ritchie

After refugee migrations reached a moment of ‘crisis’ in 2015, many scholars started investigating the realities of resettlement and responses to precarious migration. Our respective research projects have explored questions of private sponsorship and community resettlement from the perspective of various actors; access to higher education for young adult refugees; the experience of multiple relocations and the meaning of ‘transition’ and ‘integration’; differentiated experiences of resettlement as they relate to gender, class, sexuality, and age; and the ethics of working with an over-researched population. After more than four years of this work, we think a moment of pause and collective reflection is in order. What questions have we answered, and what questions remain or have emerged?

The purpose of this one-day workshop is to bring together researchers working on questions related to issues of resettlement, including private sponsorship, precarious and forced migrations, civil society, and/or the role of the state, among many others. We hope to generate discussion, reflection, questions, and new directions for approaching migration studies and practices of solidarity. While participants should be able to provide a recent publication or work in progress that speaks to their research findings, the purpose of the discussion is to look behind the practices of research. In other words, the discussion will look at the how, why, and what next of resettlement and migration studies. 

If you are interested in participating in this discussion, please email Genevieve Ritchie with a research summary (200–500 words) or recent publication by February 1, 2020. Once participants are finalized, we will contact you with further details. Please email Genevieve with any questions,