Adult Migrants’ Language Learning, Labour Market, and Social Inclusion

Edited by Andreas Fejes and Magnus Dahlstedt
Deadline for Abstracts: 15 December 2022 | Deadline for Articles: 30 April 2023

Social Inclusion, peer-reviewed journal indexed in the Social Sciences Citation Index (Web of Science; Impact Factor: 1.333) and Scopus (CiteScore: 2.5), welcomes new and exciting research papers for its upcoming issue "Adult Migrants’ Language Learning, Labour Market, and Social Inclusion," edited by Andreas Fejes (Linköping University) and Magnus Dahlstedt (Linköping University).

Language learning and language education plays a central role in adult migrants’ establishment in the receiving country. Adult migrants anywhere are a heterogeneous group, with different life experiences and conditions for language learning and social inclusion. From the perspective of migrants themselves, language learning is mostly future-oriented, as access to linguistic resources is linked to a "future identity" and the prospect of being part of an imagined community. It is thus regarded as a means for entering the labor market as well as higher education. However, with a strong focus on language and language learning, there is a risk that important factors in migrants’ social inclusion are neglected.

The relationship between migrants’ language learning with the labor market and social inclusion is thus a complex one, and this thematic issue will challenge scholars and researchers to address it. We invite contributions that problematize such relationship across different educational, social, professional, and geographical contexts.

Authors interested in submitting a paper for this issue are encouraged to read the full call for papers here:

Abstracts welcome by 15 December 2022.

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