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Religion and Society
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Special Issues Call for Papers
Simon Coleman, University of Toronto
Sondra L. Hausner, University of Oxford

Religion and Society has been receiving increasing numbers of excellent suggestions for special issues. We have therefore decided to invite proposals to be sent to us by a given deadline each year, in order to select the most appropriate special section for the journal. The pool of proposals will be considered by our editorial board, and decisions sent back to proposers as swiftly as possible. This arrangement will apply for the first time for our 2025 issue. Our timetable for proposals is as follows:

• May 1, 2024: submission of proposal to Religion and Society editors (no fixed number of papers, but maximum 50,000 words)
• June 1, 2024: decisions sent out, including choice of the proposal to be published
• June-December 2024: external refereeing and redrafting process, with submission of final proofreading by January 2025

The format of the proposal sent to Religion and Society should be as follows:

• Description of the special issue, including summary of its fit with Religion and Society, and assurance that all papers exist in draft form, fully ready to be send to reviewers (max. 500 words)
• Abstracts of all papers (max. 400 words each)
• Bios of special issue editors and all other contributors (max. 100 words each)
• List of potential reviewers for each paper, and assurance that special issue editors will work to obtain external reviews to fit with deadlines


The Religion and Society style guide is based on The Chicago Manual of Style (CMS). Please note that the journal uses US punctuation and spelling, following Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.

Please refer to the Style Guide online:

For more information, please see

Please submit articles, reviews, and other contributions as Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (rtf) files by
e-mail to the editors:

Simon Coleman at and Sondra Hausner at

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