2015 CASCA Meeting, Université LavalMegan Lowthers

Megan Lowthers, PhD Candidate in Anthropology and Migration and Ethnic Relations, University of Western Ontario (Pictured, centre, in the field in Kenya.)

  • 'Mapping Uncertain Mobility: Migrant Female Sex Workers, Gender, and Mobile Phone Use in Kenya.'

2013 CASCA Meeting, University of Victoria

Stacy Lockerbie, McMaster University

  • Lockerbie, Stacy (2014) 'Infertility, Adoption and Metaphorical Pregnancies.' Anthropologica 56(2): 463-471.

2012 CASCA Meeting, University of Alberta

No award made.

Catherine Bryan and Merin Oleschuk

2011 CASCA Meeting, Fredericton

Merin Oleschuk, University of Alberta (right in the photo)

Oleschuk, Merin (2012) 'Engendering Transnational Foodways: A Case Study of Southern Sudanese Women in Brooks, Alberta.' Anthropologica 54(1): 119-31.

2010 CASCA Meeting, Concordia University

Catherine Bryan, Dalhousie University (left in the photo)

Bryan, Catherine (2012) 'Gendered Returns, Ambivalent Transnationals: Situating Transnationalism in Local Asymetry.' Anthropologica 54(1): 133-42.

Catherine Bryan & Merin Oleschuk in Fredericton, 2011

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