• Ethnographic Feminisms: Essays in Anthropology (Carleton U Press, 1995), edited by Lynne Phillips (Memorial University Newfoundland) and Sally Cole (Concordia).
  • Feminist Fields: Ethnographic Insights (Broadview Press, 1999), edited by Rae Bridgman (University of Manitoba), Sally Cole (Concordia) and Heather Howard-Bobiwash (Michigan State University/University of Toronto).
  • Contesting Publics: Feminism, Activism, Ethnography (Pluto Press, 2013), edited by Lynne Phillips (Memorial University Newfoundland) and Sally Cole (Concordia).

Ethnographic Femsm0001   feminist fields  


Journal issues

  • Anthropology in Action 18(1), 2011. Special Issue on Feminism and Anthropology, edited by Robin Whitaker and Pamela J. Downe. All contributors are at Canadian universities and some of the papers came out of CASCA meeting panels.
  • Anthropologica 43(2), 2001. Anthropology, Feminism and Childhood Studies / Anthropologie, féminisme et les études de l’enfance
  • Anthropologica 42(1), 2000. Articulated Meanings: Studies in Gender and the Politics of Culture / Sens et cohérence : études sur le vécu social des sexes et la politique de la culture.
  • Anthropologica 41(2), 1999. Ethnographic Explorations of Gender and Power in Rural Northwestern Iberia / Explorations ethnographiques du pouvoir relié à la position des sexes dans le nord-ouest rural de la péninsule ibérique.


Women's Network graduate student prize articles

  • Lockerbie, Stacy (2014) 'Infertility, Adoption and Metaphorical Pregnancies.' Anthropologica 56(2): 463-471.
  • Bryan, Catherine (2012) 'Gendered Returns, Ambivalent Transnationals: Situating Transnationalism in Local Asymetry.' Anthropologica 54(1): 133-42.
  • Oleschuk, Merin (2012) 'Engendering Transnational Foodways: A Case Study of Southern Sudanese Women in Brooks, Alberta.' Anthropologica 54(1): 119-31.
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