Jim Waldram is the winner of the SSHRC Insight Award. To read about the illustrious CASCA member, click here. Congratulations!  

CASCA is proud to share the position statement released by the WCAA and the one by IUAES in support to the Polish Ethnological Society

WCAA has launched In one's own terms a channel within global space for the local anthropologies to express themselves in their own languages. Follow it here.

Don't forget that the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Archeological Association is being held in Ottawa-Gatineau right after CASCA-IUAES2017!

The Senate at Queen's University Belfast reversed its previous decision to withdraw the single honours degree in anthropology. Instead, it approved a proposal to re-launch a stronger single honours degree in anthropology in 2018, while the joint honours anthropology degrees will continue uninterrupted. Queen's anthropologists are grateful to you as individuals and as associations for all your support in this process, both in terms of morale and significant outcome.

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