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The Canadian Anthropology Society is a bilingual organization operating at a national level.

We are your organization, representing the interests of anthropologists and the discipline nationally.
CASCA organizes the largest anthropological conference in the country and collaborates with other anthropological organizations across the country, continent and world.

Why Join?

Supporting Anthropologists

CASCA supports the next generation of researchers, through prizes, opportunities to become involved in its organization or working committees, the organization of an annual colloquium, and open-access publication in the Culture newsletter and journal Anthropologica.

Connection and Collaboration

CASCA brings together Canadian anthropologists and their work from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts, from Victoria to Saint John’s, and thus forges close links between the players in this vibrant and inspiring community that has anthropology in its heart. CASCA also promotes the work of graduate students through its publications and conferences.

Sharing Research

CASCA allows you to share your passion for anthropology and contribute to the dissemination and promotion of the discipline’s multimodal productions.

Membership in CASCA allows you to participate in forums for the production of anthropological knowledge, debate and exchange linking the English- and French-speaking spheres.


Join CASCA today and add your voice to over 500 anthropologists across the country working to promote our discipline, the work that you do, and the difference that you can make within our society.



Our members are first to receive information about jobs, awards and conferences.

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